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Is MyJar The Perfect Solution For Your Financial Needs? Read Everything About The Customer Service

Is MyJar good for you?

MyJar – Let’s face it – banks will never win when it comes to popularity. Most of us view our banks as a necessary evil and dislike having to contact them. Which? highlighted recently that 25% of UK bank customers experience problems with accounts; the most common problems were poor customer service, the bank trying to sell inappropriate products or difficulty in reaching an advisor.

Why is that? What is it about the customer service we experience from our banks that we have come to despise so much?

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MyJar is all about solutions, so rather than discuss how banks seem to be on the down side of popular public opinion, let’s look at how they can up their game when it comes to improving customer service.

Customer service is super important for banks

Firstly, one of the most important steps banks can take to improve their customer service function is to ensure that their customers can actually reach them, at any time of day or night. Despite telephone and email still being the most popular way for customers to interact with companies, Facebook, Twitter, forums, live chat and blogs are quickly taking a bigger share for customer / bank communications and, more worryingly, customer complaints.  This is bad news for the company’s reputation and has the potential to quickly snowball into online customer uprisings, leading to PR disasters as per MyJar.

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Multiple social channels help you improve the efficiency of support

Handled appropriately, the multiple social channels can greatly improve the efficiency of the support team, increase customer satisfaction and generate new opportunities. Mishandled and there is a real risk of being out of touch and at a competitive disadvantage.

So how can companies – and banks specifically with MyJar– approach issues on social media? Some basic rules are as follows:

  • Quick contact: Get in touch with commentators as quickly as possible. (Suggestion: 10 minutes.)
  • Publicly acknowledge that you’re following up with them (within same 10 minute timeframe.)
  • For Twickets (customer requests sent via Twitter) : Don’t respond to baiting, or obvious attempts to pull you into a pointless altercation in a public space. Nobody gains from this kind of interaction.