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The speed of your internet has to do with several important factors

During the speed test your internet speed is displayed in megabits per second (Mbps). The more megabits, the faster your internet. The ideal speed is 20 Mbps or more and this is what most internet providers offer as standard. When you are starting with internet abonnement vergelijken it could be helpful to choose the alles in een because this speed makes it possible to simultaneously stream music and video, use the internet and use devices that work via an internet connection.

The minimum for a stable and reliable internet speed is 10 Mbps, but this is actually too low. If this result comes from the speed test, it is possible that there is a problem with the internet provider. We recommend that you run the test again a few hours later. If the result remains low with every speed test, then there is something wrong with your internet connection. All standard internet connections deliver a minimum speed of 10 Mbps. At speeds below 5 Mbps, it is no longer possible to use Netflix and even e-mailing, surfing and gaming can become difficult.

Step 2: Check if the wifi works properly

If a normal internet speed emerges from the speed test, the next step is to check whether your Wi-Fi network is working properly.
For a good Wi-Fi connection, it is important that the distance between the device and the Wi-Fi router is not too great. Thick or multiple walls can also play a role in a poor WiFi connection.

You can solve this by moving the router to a central location in the house. Or you place a WiFi repeater or a powerline extender in the room where the connection is poor. You plug these devices into the socket. They amplify the Wi-Fi signal from there or create a second Wi-Fi network. You pay around € 30 for such a device.

Step 3: How many internet users are there in the house?

If you have checked the WiFi connection and the speed, the next step is to find out who is currently using the internet. The slower speed can be caused by an overload on the network.
Do you perhaps have children growing up in the house who like to spend Netflix and spend hours on YouTube? Or do several people use your network at the same time? These are factors that cause overloading and therefore slower speed.
And one last tip: change the password of your Wi-Fi network, because it may just be that others in the area use your Wi-Fi!

Step 4: Switch the router off and on again

Do you still not notice any improvement after the previous four steps? Then switch off the Wi-Fi router and switch it on again after about half a minute. Another option is to press the reset button on the device. This is not always easy to find, so a paper clip can be useful here. The disadvantage of the reset button is that you then have to completely reinstall the router, which may even require help from the help desk.