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Puff Bar Review Overview, What Is The Most Important Factor In This Shot Glass?

After seeing this tank announced a month or so ago, I didn’t really get it. Puff Bar as being designed around a shot glass and I just couldn’t figure out what they meant, and even if I could, I doubt I would have realized the potential of this little tank.

  • Being from the vaping generation that came before sub-ohm tanks were available and adopting them as my main means of vaping, when things change for the better I get pretty excited. This is one of those situations. If the change is worth you spending your hard earned cash to enjoy.. Well, that my friend; that’s up to you. Here is the official Puff Bar review write-up!

Cuplike design, Puff Bar construction and bottom fed coils

Puff Bar as seen above, can be broken down unto two min pieces. The bottom piece, which screws into your device; is a one piece “cuplike” tank portion. It is your typical 22mm diameter tank with a flat (not to be used in Hybrid devices) 510 connector, with a first of its kind cup design allowing the user to simply fill their tank to the fill line by pouring or dumping their e-liquid in. No more Puff Bar slow tank fills, dropper after dropper or having to use annoying syringes.

  • They have finally figured it out for the most part. However, the way they designed the e-liquid inlet is like this. Puff Bar have 2 slots on the bottom