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5 handy tips to keep your energy bill down during the warm summerdays

During the summer it is nice and warm and you can quickly save a lot on the energy bill. But then of course it is so nice if you know what you should pay attention to at home in order to save a lot of energy by, for example, using an energievergelijker 2019. We have therefore put together below 5 handy tips that can help you on your way when lowering the energy bill in the summer. Enjoy the savings and immediately compare all energieleveranciers!

Make sure that no sunlight can shine in

If you cannot invest in landscaping, you can still create a similar shade effect by using heavy curtains on your windows. Since this keeps a lot of direct rays out, it can reduce the amount of time your air conditioner needs to work.

And while the temperature cools down in the evenings outside, open your windows to allow a refreshing breeze into your home. This will not only improve the climate for the hours you are awake, it will also help you when you sleep.

Renew your thermostat or keep an eye on it

With a programmable thermostat you can automatically change the temperature during the day by planning it in advance instead of adjusting it several times a day. If you already have a programmable thermostat, plan it so that the air conditioner does not have to work all day, but your house cools down by the time you get back from work.

  • And if your thermostat is not programmable, it’s a smart investment to order one from Amazon for just $ 30. If you’re willing to pay more, a smart thermostat can get to know your temperature preferences and adjust the heat automatically while it optimizes for times when you are not at home to save your money.

Try to use the lamps as little as possible

Summer offers a lot of natural light in the house, heats the interior and illuminates our spaces. Take advantage of this look and do not switch on the light during the day. This offers you hours of savings on the lamps and prevents the heat escaping and warming our homes from being released, while also saving on air conditioning.

It may be that the heat supplied from letting in the light is more intense than you wish and this can be combated by opening windows and letting a breeze in, causing your house to cool down.

Try to cook outside more often

Instead of occasionally grilling this summer, it is a regular means of preparing your food. Grilling requires less energy than using an oven and takes you outside, giving you the chance to switch off your electronics and other devices that contribute to your energy bill.

  • Grilling also gives off heat outside of your home, unlike the oven that acts as another contribution to a hot internal temperature. The microwave and toaster oven also work as methods to cook your food without using too much electrical energy.

Look at how much you wash in the week

Washing once or twice a week can be a remarkable source of energy consumption. Use your water to wash your clothes to save your high summer bills and save extra money. This reduces the energy required to provide the machine with the heat used for cleaning.

  • Take advantage of the warm weather and hang your clothes on a line to dry outside instead of using your machine. This will make it possible to eliminate the electricity used in that process.