Oranges and Sunshine
Release Date: Coming to DVD July 25th
Starring: Emily Watson (Oscar Nominated for Hilary and Jackie and Breaking the Waves), David Wenham (Public Enemies, Lord of the Rings) and Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Priscilla Queen of the Desert)
Director: Jim Loach
Written By: Rona Munro
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 100 mins

Oranges & Sunshine tells the story of Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson), a social worker from Nottingham, who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals in recent times: the organised deportation of children in care from the United Kingdom to Australia.

Almost single-handedly, against overwhelming odds and with little regard for her own well-being, Margaret reunited thousands of families, brought authorities to account and worldwide attention to an extraordinary miscarriage of justice.

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