Film Profile

  • "Tight and claustrophobic. Buried is a master class in invention and suspense"

    The Times

  • "An uncompromising suspense thriller"

    The Telegraph

  • "Will have audiences gasping for breath"

    Total Film

  • "claustrophobic, suspenseful and just plain awesome!"

    Aint It Cool

  • "Sheer, asphyxiating, chest-crushing terror"

    The Guardian ****

  • "Remarkable"

    The Daily Mail

  • "The most intense piece of cinema this year"

    The Sun ****

  • "Suspense, thrills and horror... In a box! Genius"

    Dan Brightmore / Loaded

  • "Hitchcock would be proud"

    Total Film ****

  • "Reynolds owns the screen... he's a magnetic screen presence"

    Robbie Collin / The News Of The World ****

  • "Utterly terrifying"

    David Edwards / The Daily Mirror ****

  • "Nerve shredding"

    Empire ****